Building an Empire

A newly established residential property investment company dedicated to sourcing exciting development opportunities in the North East. Managed by Magnus Cliff and Sophie Morgan ('Best Laid Plans', Channel 4), Empire Investors is committed to creating value in all of our projects and we aim to deliver and innovate to the highest standard.

Along side our property developments, we manage serviced apartments for corporate stays and provide mentorship for any level of property investment.

Investment Opportunities


Magnus is an expert at sourcing below market value properties. Together with Sophie, we manage your investment to purchase, renovate and sell residential properties for increased profit. As a small team, we offer a personal and bespoke purchasing experience and you can either work with us on the ground in Newcastle or simply let us do all the hard work, knowing your investment will be safe. Find out how we can help you build your wealth.


We offer you an exciting opportunity to make your money work harder for you. With interest rates in the bank offering you a very low return we can help you earn more from your capital with an investment that requires no work on your behalf. Empire Investors simply loan money and offer a percentage return on your capital. With such volatility in the stock market, investors are looking for something different and this is a very popular and easy choice. Contact us to learn more about how we can make this work for you.


Empire Investors source properties in Newcastle as well as South Yorkshire so if you are looking to start or expand your own property portfolio please get in touch



best laid plans, channel 4

Sophie Morgan is one of the two directors of Empire Investors.

Sophie was paralysed in a car crash when she eighteen. Together with long time friend Magnus, she bought her first investment property in 2013 in order to generate some 'passive income' and protect her in case her disability were to affect her ability to work.

Their first purchase was a huge success and soon after Sophie and Magnus realised it was worth their while working together to build an 'Empire'!

Today the team is just as passionate and excited to find lucrative deals not only for themselves, but for all aspiring investors.

Magnus finds the deals, whilst Sophie manages the refurbishments, and her love for property development can be seen in the brand new property series for Channel 4, 'Best Laid Plans'.

Catch the show on Saturdays 4:30pm on Channel 4.