Why Invest in Property

It is widely understood that over time investment in property offers a firm foundation from which to grow your personal wealth, and there is no better time to invest than in today's market.

In comparison to the equities market, the property market in the UK can offer significantly higher returns. For example, for every one hundred thousand pounds invested in the property market, a 132% return has been generated in comparison to an 83% return from the stock market.

Further more, with the average ISA rate falling, many smart investors are turning to bricks and mortar in order to make money in a safe, stable and asset backed market.

The UK population has increased by 7% in the past ten years and is predicted to continue to reach a staggering 70 million by 2027.

As the most heavily populated country in Europe, Britain is home to a hugely diverse range of people with one thing in common - we all need somewhere to call home. With housing supplies currently unable to meet these increasing demands (the lowest supply for 100 years) it’s easy to see why Investing in property is now one of the most popular areas for people looking to put their cash to work.

And it’s not just about buying houses, either. Those in the know are converting commercial properties into houses of multiple occupancy to help leverage more profit, as well as buying land to develop commercial dwellings - both highly lucrative and exciting opportunities for investment.

Our Services


Empire Investors offer you an exciting opportunity to make your money work harder for you. With interest rates in the bank offering you a very low return we can help you earn more from your capital with an investment that requires no work on your behalf. Read more here. We simply loan money from you and offer a guaranteed percentage return on your capital. With such volatility in the stock market, investors are looking for something different and this is a very popular and easy choice. Contact us to learn more about how we can make this work for you.


This service is suited to the more high net worth or sophisticated investor, who is looking to raise a large amount of capital. Empire Investors use your investment to purchase, develop and sell both residential and commercial properties for increased profit. Find out more about how you can benefit from this service.


Empire Investors source properties in South Yorkshire and Newcastle so if you are looking to start or expand your own property portfolio please get in touch