When renting your property there are significant variables to consider. If you manage the rental yourself, the first casualty will be your own time. If you use a Letting Agent you will unearth similar complications, from hidden management fees to inventory costs. Too many hidden costs eat away at your monthly profit.

When Empire Investors take over the management of your property, we start paying you a guaranteed rent as soon as the property is ready to let. This could be from the day we sign the lease or as soon as any refurb is carried out depending on what work is required.

Empire Investors rent your property from you for a minimum 1 year and effectively become your tenants.

Servived apartment


We are not like high street agents – in fact we couldn’t be more different. Can you imagine a high street agent offering to refurb your property or arranging a fortnightly cleaner or a gardener? We take such great care of the properties that they are often in better condition on the rare times that we are asked to return one to the owner.

Serviced apartment

Responsibility for tenants

All of our tenants are thoroughly vetted prior to moving in. After all, from day one we take responsibility for any lost rent, potential damage or misbehavior. We also deal with calls, emergencies and in fact all tenant issues.

You will never again have to worry about voids - a recent survey by Spare Room showed that most properties have a void period of at least six weeks per year so this is a significant factor.


Our guarantee to you

• You will always be paid even if the property is unoccupied.
• Money will arrive in your bank account on the same day every month.
• We will never charge you any fees or commission.
• There will never be any sneaky ‘hidden’ or ‘unforeseen’ costs.
• We will take great care of your property.
• You will achieve ‘Passive Income’