When renting your property there are significant variables to consider. If you manage the rental yourself, the first casualty will be your own time. If you use a Letting Agent you will unearth other complications, from hidden management fees to inventory costs and too many hidden costs eat away at your monthly profit.

There are many advantages to renting your property out as a corporate let with Empire Investors. Here are a few examples:

  • Guaranteed passive monthly rental income
  • If you operate under the “furnished holiday letting” (FHLs) rules, you can offset all expenses including full mortgage interest against the rental income
  • Your property may receive a light refurbishment at our expense to bring it to standard
  • All ongoing maintenance is the responsibility of Empire Investors
  • FHLs can also qualify for entrepreneurs’ relief
  • No hidden management fees
  • And more
Servived apartment
Serviced apartment